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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Tips - Interview do's and dont's

Oh ni sebenarnya gambar aku otw nak pergi ke meeting di HQ lew. Entah camne sambil tunggu kwan aku amik barang tertinggal dalam opis, aku snap 1 depan lif ni. Heheheeheee macam nak pergi interview tak ? lalalalala~

Oh sebenarnya aku cuma nak kasi sikit tips je. Pasal interview. 
Teringat masa zaman aku pergi interview dlu2. Dulu? macam dah lama sangat, padahal baru 2 tahun kerja sekarang. Tapi sebenarnya aku jumpa info ni dalam newspaper STAR . Kebetulan pagi-pagi belek surat khabar, terserempak la info ni. Macam good-good jeee.. 
Jom baca !

DO :
1. Allot ample time. While a schedule comprising multiple meetings is typical, occasionally the hiring manager will unexpectedly invite you to meet other members of the team on the spot. 

 2. Establish and maintain an emotional connection with the interview by smiling, listening, endorsing, and contributing throughout the conversation. 

3. Pay close attention to your word choice : executives often frame their answers with "we", an approach that should only be used when talking about team initiatives. 

4. Be  mindful where you are in the overall selection process.

5. Show a genuine interest in the organisation and opportunity.

6. Ask if there are any areas of concern and address them while you are still face-to-face with the interviewer.

1.Schedule an interview on a day when you have other pressing demands on your time or at a time of day when you might struggle to remain energetic and present.

2.Talk only about your knowledge and technical skills without also describing your personal work and leadership style. 

3. Give canned responses that keep the conversation at the surface level or that make unsubstantiated claims.

4. Emphasise issues like compensataion and advancement too soon, such as in the first interview. 

5. Talk about other companies you are considering or offers that are on the table.

6. Be desperate, sacrastic, defensive, or critical of past employers.

Bye.. selamat mencuba!!

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